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Paint that works on galvanized steel and exhaust pipe

I have a homemade outboard motor extension handle similar to this: The narrow part on the right is ...
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Rhythmic Metallic grinding noise from under hood

I have a 2012 Vauxhall Astra 1.6L Petrol, the query I have is the same as someone else’s but unfortunately they haven’t updated in 2 years so I assume they’re idle There’s a grinding under the hood ...
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How to make a Patch for the bottom Inner Fender

I am trying to figure out what is a good design for the bottom right inner fender patch: OPTION A (First Pic) Technically, I should put the patch on top of the arch (blue): But that would be more ...
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Straighten Metal & Fiberglass Bumper

I clipped a concrete block at dead slow speed. It bent my rear bumper. This is the view of the full bumper now. You can see the "knee" I put in it. The bumper itself has a piece of angle ...
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What does it mean if the weld metal surface has a striped pattern?

I am not sure what is the best way to describe it, so here is a picture: For comparison, the metal on the other side is smoother:
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Toyota Corolla metal clanking sound after driving

I noticed a metal clanking sound after driving my car not sure what’s causing it. I don’t see any leak or anything under and I can’t hear it inside the car or while driving. I began to noticed it ...
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Drilling through metal for broken bolt on rear suspension mount using a cobalt bit not working

I have an 01' Cobra and when working on the rear suspension had removed the emergency brake cable mounting bracket and small bolt that is attached to the bottom of the lower control arm. Well the bolt ...
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Engine oil metal shavings origin

Yesterday when changing oil on a Ducati 848 EVO 2012 motorcycle after about 4000km (which is soon enough considering it went through a track day) I noticed a small concentration of microscopic metal ...
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Restoring Stainless Steel Part

I am working on various parts with a similar condition, the one pictured is an exhaust heat shield which is I believe Stainless(it is non magnetic and the condition as pictured is after 17 years of ...
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Patching a hole in a dirt bike exhaust

I have a 1974 Honda Xl125 exhaust pipe which has a crack in it. I attempted to weld the crack, creating a hole accidentally. How should I properly patch the hole? Here is a link to a photo for ...
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Metalic smell when banging fender panel

I was trying to bang out dents in a fender panel from the backside. Whilst banging I smelt and inhaled a lot of metalic smelling particles go into the air and I inhaled through mouth and nose. I did ...
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Stripped metal screw hole - how to fill it (and not use a larger screw)

This is to do with the screw that goes into the seat rail of my car. The screw is a Torx screw and someone managed to cross-thread it and they then replaced it with a regular screw of a larger size. I ...
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Attaching metal pieces inside latch-epoxy strong enough?

In the picture below , I need to reattach two metal pieces located in the tailgate latch assembly on 2014 Ford Escape . The two metal pieces are located on middle right hand side of picture. The ...
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How to patch holes in the van floor?

While replacing the van's carpet I noticed there're a few holes in the floor that started to rust around edges. There's no isolation or any protection between the floor and the ground, you can see ...
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How thick should sheet metal be for steel wheel tubs?

As the title asks when building wheel tubs for a hot rod what sheet metal thickness should you use to build your wheel tubs?
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Is there a suggested wall thickness for steel tubing when building frames?

Looking into building a frame for a hotrod I've seen different sizes used for different size vehicles such as 2" x 2" or 2" x 3" box tubing and circular steel tubing but I am unsure if a .188 wall is ...
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How do I remove a broken drill bit from metal?

I was building a mount for my custom bobber. My 1/4" carbide drill bit broke off into 3/4" plate of steel. How do I remove it?
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What is an English Wheel and how do I use one?

What exactly is an English Wheel? How can I use one?
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