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Straighten Metal & Fiberglass Bumper

I clipped a concrete block at dead slow speed. It bent my rear bumper. This is the view of the full bumper now. You can see the "knee" I put in it. The bumper itself has a piece of angle ...
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How to repair my fiberglass front bumper?

The paint has come of my front bumper(fiberglass) and you can see dots and cracks. You can see all the white fibers. Since it's fiberglass is repairing it different from normal bumpers? As a DIY job,...
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Hardware Installation on Fiberglass boat

I had to rebuild the jet pump on a 1992 boston whaler rage. I noticed a putty like substance on the hardware I removed directly from the hull, I assume it is used to waterproof the bolt holes in the ...
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How do I apply Fibreglass and Bondo?

Does it have to be on bare metal? What about adding the product to primer?
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