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Activity that creates a new part from scratch, either to replace a stock part that is no longer available or to provide a custom solution that doesn't exist.

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How to make a Patch for the bottom Inner Fender

I am trying to figure out what is a good design for the bottom right inner fender patch: OPTION A (First Pic) Technically, I should put the patch on top of the arch (blue): But that would be more ...
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Modifying a brake line fitting

I recently took it upon myself to replace the brake line from the block splitter thing by the master cylinder to the rear brakes on a project I have been working on. After ordering brake fittings (...
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Is there a way to connect a 51mm silencer to a 23mm downpipe

I have a tgb r 125x can't find full sport exhaust or down pipe,wondering if it is possible to weld a 51mm slip on silencer if I cut silencer off one piece exhaust and reuse down pipe which is only ...
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Removing a welded nut

There's a nut welded on my countershaft and I don't like that. How do I remove it while minimizing the chance of damage to the countershaft's threads, as damage would necessitate: a. welding a nut ...
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How to shorten a driveshaft?

How can I shorten a driveshaft? Are there any warnings before proceeding? What tools are required, and optimal? Is there a "required" way to measure correctly? How can I keep the metal square? Is ...
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What is an English Wheel and how do I use one?

What exactly is an English Wheel? How can I use one?
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DIY carbon-fiber parts layup

I'm gathering the necessary equipment to start my next little hobby project building my own fairings. I got about 5 yards of carbon-fiber/Kevlar and another 5 yards of fiberglass, 10ft of 3' carbon ...
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Can I make a Kevlar (or fiberglass) part without a vacuum?

I'm trying to make a panel that will replace this crappy diamond plate (as seen in the photo below). I would like to make something that is flush with the dash, this has been troubling me for some ...
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