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Special considerations for drilling into trim plastic?

I'm trying to install some cargo nets in the trunk of my 2018 Subaru Crosstrek. Although that the nets are not listed as compatible with the 2018 and later, I have found many reports of people ...
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Drilling through metal for broken bolt on rear suspension mount using a cobalt bit not working

I have an 01' Cobra and when working on the rear suspension had removed the emergency brake cable mounting bracket and small bolt that is attached to the bottom of the lower control arm. Well the bolt ...
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How can I drill out broken black oxide bit?

I am trying to drill out a lug on my old Dakota pickup truck. The cap came off the lug nut. I tried a nut extractor which basically carved the bolt into a nice circle. My next option was to drill ...
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The purpose of this steel ball on the hex key of my drill attachment

I got this right angle attachment for my drill. On it's hex key, there is a steel ball. What is it's purpose? As I can't find a hex bit that has a hole for this ball to lock into -- though I can find ...
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Safe way to drill through the engine bay firewall

I need to run cables through my firewall (the wall between the engine bay and the seating area) but I can't seem to find any factory placed holes to pull cables through. Now a lot of people told me ...
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How do I remove a broken drill bit from metal?

I was building a mount for my custom bobber. My 1/4" carbide drill bit broke off into 3/4" plate of steel. How do I remove it?
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