Just trying to figure out why my 2014 Nissan versa won't start. It won't click. The interior lights will not come on. One day coming from the grocery store at a red light my car started jerking doing weird stuff and all of a sudden it just shut off completely. I want to say that it's a CVT recall but before taking it to the shop and paying all this money I just want to know could it be the battery? It won't start it won't make a click it there's no lights on the dashboard someone if you know please help me. I don't know anything about cars.

  • Sure sounds like a battery problem to me. Either the battery is too old and can't hold a charge anymore, or the alternator is bad and it stopped charging the battery. Oct 26, 2022 at 20:33
  • Could also check that you still have a serpentine belt
    – Chris
    Oct 27, 2022 at 2:02

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Sounds like the battery is dead. Look for a couple things:
Are the battery terminal in good condition, and connected tightly? They should be clean and tight. For the car to stop mid-driving like that, I'd suspect the earth/ground terminal.
The alternator is the battery charger, so if it had a failure, you'd normally get a warning light before a full shutdown.

Definitely not a CVT issue, because 'no lights, no click' is electrical.

And, BTW, 24 year old female doesn't mean anything negative at all, don't beat on yourself!

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