What is the purpose of the plastic lower engine cover in a Honda Fit? Mine broke off in a minor accident.the car is now making creaking noises when I drive and the indicator lights keep going on and off, is it related? Safe to drive? Car is running well

  • Not only for aerodynamics but reducing the noise levels as well. – Solar Mike Oct 6 '18 at 22:09

The lower plastic covers are for aerodynamics. They aren't really needed for function, so aren't a safety item. You should be able to drive them just fine without them.

That said, if you are hearing creaking, it wouldn't be because you are missing these covers. There is something else going on which might make your car unsafe to drive. I'd have it professionally looked at, for peace of mind, if nothing else.

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  • If it "broke off", there might be some pieces of the cover still flapping about in the breeze and making noises. Get rid of all of it, even if you don't plan to replace it. The indicators seem like a separate problem, but that might also have been caused by the accident, for example if some electrical connections have come loose. – alephzero Oct 6 '18 at 21:41

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