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Hyundai Accent X3 Dashboard/Instrument panel bulbs

I have a Hyundai Accent X3 and want to change its instrument panel/dashboard light bulbs. It has 14V 1.4W bulbs (type 74 I guess), they are equal to T5 size but my T5 bulbs are 12V 1.2W (incandescent, ...
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2 answers

Burning Smell and Slight Rattling

I just had new tires put on my 2016 BMW x3 about 3 weeks ago. There is a soft on and off rattling coming from the front of the car. Recently I've noticed when I stop at a light there is a burning ...
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2 answers

2021 X3 rattle/buzz near the foam headliner of the ceiling

I have a 2021 X3 that has a rattle/buzz near or inside of the ceiling/headliner, somewhere around the right rear passenger seat's ceiling handle. The driver side seems fine, i.e. no sounds. But the ...
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can it be the body control module

i have a bmw x3 2005 e83 it started when airbags coming on and then speedo stopped and than started again and then indicatorson dashboard stop working but the indicators outside of the car work than ...
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Why rear wheels skid at slow, sharp turns when engine gets to operational temp?

This is followup on my BMW X3 E83 2008 transfer case saga. Here is recap: The dashboard had BMW triad of lights in dashboard. I replaced the nylon gear in transfer case actuator servo motor and ...
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High Oil consumption in my BMW x3 - 2014 - (F25) 2L Diesel engine

i have recently got my BMW x3 with 41,000 km on it after running for some time it asked for a oil 1L oil topup so i called BMW dealership and they asked me to get a castrol 5w30 and top it up and i ...
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