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Does center bore difference of 0.06mm matter?

Recently I ordered a set of alloy wheels for my Volvo V40 MY 2015 which has a center bore 63.4. I noticed only now that there is a slight difference in the center bore (everything else is precisely ...
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Checking engine head for flatness: what clearance generally, in mm?

This engine's (Skoda Estelle/120, 70s, RWD, rear mounted engine) head is cast iron, the block is aluminium and I'm checking it's flatness. What would be the correct flatness clearance range? I have ...
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Block flatness tolerance?

2006 Solstice (says hello). The engine overheated for some reason, going from ~200F to ~300F in a matter of seconds. (Actually, the gauge changed directly from 203F to 298F.) The head is over at the ...
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