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Which tyre will be abrased more during right hand drift with Audi rear sport differential?

Which tyre will be more abrased during right hand drift with Audi rear sport differential? My car is equipped with Torsen Quattro + rear electrohydraulic limited slip differential, it is an Audi S4 B8....
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Do 'factory' options appear on VIN report?

I have a vehicle with an LSD option, where if fitted, wouldn't be visible to the naked eye. Nor would it be apparent while driving. I have looked up the VIN but the option does not seem to show up. ...
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Mazda RX-8 tires squeak when turning while accelerating

This happens a lot when leaving parking lots and making right turns. If I have to turn while accelerating, the rear tires squeak even when I'm not pushing that hard. It sounds like I'm burning out and ...
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Non LSD oil in a LSD

I recently changed all the oils in my land cruiser BJ40, including the rear differential which has a limited slip dif with apparently something called a power trax traction system. I put in normal ...
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How to tell if an 08 CTS has a limited-slip differential?

I'm looking at purchasing a 2008 CTS RWD. From what I could gather from various forums, it sounds like a limited-slip was only included if you purchased the "summer performance tires" package. I ...
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When looking at a transmission, how can I know if there is a LSD?

How can I know if there is an LSD installed on a transmission from a Dodge Neon 2003? For what indicators should I look for?.
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Replacing a LSD, what needs to be considered between 1, 1.5, 2 way?

I need to replace the LSD on a 1995 (NA series) MX-5. The original diff was a viscous LSD, and over time has deteriorated as I hear they do. It is now essentially an open diff, if I lift one wheel off ...
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LSD on BMW M3 or 330ci E46

There is an LSD for BWM. Can anyone give me an link to sale of this where I can find LSD for BWM M3 E46 / E36, or BWM E46 330i?
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