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ford figo 2012 pretrol starting problem

I replace my ignition barrel on ford figo 2012. The key light doesn’t blink, so its is reading the key and also when turning the key its makes 8 beeps. The problem that I have is when trying to start ...
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Will I need to replace entire linkage assembly if a part of Wiper system is damaged?

My wipers initially would not stop swiping no matter what I did to turn them off. Than they turned off and would not turn on. The Ford service and repair center told me that my wiring had been eaten ...
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Ford Figo Diesel - Cranking but fails to start

I have ford Figo 2010 diesel model. When I try to start the car parked for 4-5days, it cranks but fails to start, then the car won't crank for another 5-10 min. The car cranks again after 10min if ...
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Ford figo warm starting issue duratorq 1.4 2011

I have a 2011 Ford figo duratorq 1.4 , and the car is having warm starting issues . In the morning it starts without any effort , but when I go on a drive and stop . If I have driven for long enough, ...
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Ford Figo Starting trouble when engine is hot

I have a 2010 Ford Figo, The car wont restart after a drive. When the engines cools down it starts without any issue. Or else disconnecting and connecting the battery terminal makes it start again ...
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P0406 Error - Ford Figo

I bought a second hand Ford Figo 2011. The vehicle has driven around 56k kilometres. Recently there was an issue with the starter motor, which I got fixed. After that the Check light is on. The Ford ...
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Ford Figo 2012 dash board low fuel problem

I am using 2012 Ford Figo Diesel Model and currently I am getting an error in my dashboard like low fuel warning even though diesel tank having 1/2 of its capacity. Due to that its not allowing to ...
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Single thump from the back when braking

I drive a 2013 Ford Figo. I hear a faint thumping noise from the back wheel on the drivers' side when I brake (at least I am fairly certain that's where the sound comes from). The sound is not ...
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Car not starting from time to time

Ford Figo 2012. Some mornings my car start 1st turn of the key. sometimes it will start after a couple of turns and the other day I had to get somebody to push it for me. Battery and alternator 100% ...
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Ford figo 2010 starting problem

My ford figo diesel not starting . Fuel pump overhauled , it is showing pressure when tested in machine . After fitting it is not starting . If starts rev going up and down 1000 to 1500 rpm and after ...
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engine speed rises but the vehicle lack power

I have 2011 Ford Figo with 117000 KM on Odo. But now i am having a strange problem, When i accelerate engine RPM rises but my car doesn't keep up and it takes some time to catch up with RPM. This ...
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