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The donut is a small, compact a spare tire.

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Schrader valve core removed, tyre still not deflating

This is the space-saver spare wheel for my Honda Civic mk8 fwiw. I've unscrewed and removed the Schrader valve core and the tyre is still not deflating at all. The tyre is quite old, possibly 10 years ...
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How far should you drive on a donut in an all wheel drive car?

After buying my 2020 Forester I was told that the tires should only be replaced in sets of four in order to keep them all about the same diameter. Or if a single tire has to be replaced, then only do ...
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Can I put an inner tube on my space-saver spare wheel/donut?

My Space-Saver spare wheel (doughnut or mini-spare) no longer holds air so I am thinking about putting an inner tube in it. Can I do this?
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Replacing donut spare on 2008 Toyota Prius

I recently had a flat tire (right front) on my 2008 Toyota Prius. The original donut spare, never used before, was used to replace it and I continued my 30 mile journey home, highway driving, before ...
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Fix-a-flat or spare tire?

I have a 2012 Mazda3 that I recently discovered has a leaky tire. The pressure light came on yesterday, and we located the low pressure and added 10-15psi. This morning I drove to work, but the ...
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How often should donut tire be replaced? [duplicate]

How often should a donut tire be replaced.... every 6 years, 10 years? Something else? I am not asking about a full sized spare tire, that is, one that is exactly like the four tires you normally ...
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Can I use a different size donut spare tire for my 97 Accord?

My 1997 Honda Accord came with a 115/70/14 donut spare tire. I had to use it for the first time recently, and it is now totally dead and needs to be replaced. I looked on Ebay and there are a few ...
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Why limit spare tire/donut mileage?

Why do manufacturers put warning on their spare tire/donuts? Its usually something along the lines of "Do not drive more that 50 miles." I have definitely far exceeded 50 miles on a donut. Not to ...
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How long can I drive on a donut spare?

This is a pretty common question and I get a lot of conflicting responses from "Extremely dangerous could blow out at any minute" to "I've driven on it for a month". A mechanic at midas told me I ...
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