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Two flat tires after getting new tires

What could cause two flat tires in quick succession after getting new tires. It does not appear to be bad luck. I replaced all 4 tires on Friday morning. On Friday afternoon (same day!), I had a flat ...
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Accidentally pushed a tire plug all the way into tire. How bad is that?

One of these rubber sticks. Pushed to far and dropped into the tire. Was able to patch the tire properly with a second stick. How bad is this? Weighs less than the screw that was stuck in my tire.
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Changing a flat tire with missing safety lug nut key

So I just found my 2004 VW Golf parked on my street with a flat tire. Tried to change it and the tire kit is missing the safety lug nut key apparently :( Auto parts place won't sell me they key, and ...
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ATV need advice on fixing flat tires

I bought a cheap Chinese ATV thats probably 30-40 yrs old, and it runs great and is lots of fun, but shortly after I bought it 2 tires went flat and wont hold air. I live in MD and theres very few ...
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Any spare wheel/tire inside BMW i3?

Does BMW i3 has any spare wheel/tire in the car or in the trunk? If not, is there any recommended way to carry a spare wheel/tire inside the car? See related discussions here: https://www.mybmwi3....
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How much damage will occur to a tyre which is flat for a week?

On Monday, when I took my car out, it felt normal, but after about 300 meters on a busy road, another driver said my rear tyre was flat. I returned home and parked my car on the road in front of my ...
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Can I use the spare donut again if needed after it has been filled with Fix a Flat?

I recently had to use a spare donut since I got a flat tire. I was stranded on the road and my spare donut did not have much air. Someone helped me and changed the flat tire with the donut and ...
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Tire sidewall damage after driving when flat. Replace or fix?

!since I had to drive to go the shoulder this damage is a circle on the tire here is another image.
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Fix-a-flat or spare tire?

I have a 2012 Mazda3 that I recently discovered has a leaky tire. The pressure light came on yesterday, and we located the low pressure and added 10-15psi. This morning I drove to work, but the ...
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Flat Repair with wire exposed?

I hit a nasty bolt dead center of the tire on my Ford Ranger truck. Sam's Club said they couldn't patch it because of the broken wires, but that someone else could probably plug it. Went to Discount ...
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Normal to leave nail in tire after a flat?

So today was that epic event of walking out into the parking lot at high noon, sun blazing, and finding out you have a completely flat tire. Skipping over the usual details about changing out a tire ...
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How would you move a small vehicle a relatively short distance [duplicate]

I'm buying a honda and the owner said it doesn't start( it's 400$ so worth it) and am trying to figure out a few things 1 would be what are some things to check on it since it hasn't been started ...
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Run-flat tires vs. fix-a-flat?

I just bought a car without a spare, on which all the tires will need to be replaced soon. Run-flat tires are crazy expensive. How well does fix-a-flat work for getting me to a tire shop in the case ...
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