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2014 peugeot boxer start issues

hoping someone can help. Recently purchased a 2014 boxer to convert to camper. After leaving it overnight it takes 2-3 attempts to start but once it's started once its fine the rest of the day. A ...
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Coolant tank drains too fast of Boxer 435

I have Peugeot Boxer van (435 onnicar) and its radiator coolant drains too fast(in one day, it's already empty). I.e. In the morning, if I fill up with water and at half of the day it's almost drain. ...
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I put Adblu in radiator coolant tank in Peugeot Boxer 435 Onnicar

My coolant tank was empty and there was a plastic cane in the cockpit/dashboard, so I thought, it was water and I put some in the coolant tank. I am pretty sure it was less than 500ml. Driver is using ...
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Do cylinder heads on boxer engines wear out evenly?

I know inline engines wear out unevenly on the cylinder heads with one usually egging out more but I don’t know whether or not boxer engines do and I was curious.
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shuddder in 2.5 subaru engine

Shudder in, Subaru forester 2017, since it was purchased. Car has 2.5 non turbo engine with only 1000 km on it. Shudder appears to occur most of the time between 40-60 km, WHEN off the throttle then ...
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What is the difference between a 180° V4 and a true boxer motor?

Reading this thread which talks about V4 motors, I am wondering what exactly is the difference between a 180° V4 motor you'd find in a Subaru and a true boxer (or horizontally opposed) flat 4 cylinder?...
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