I have a van without rear-view mirror and I bought something to attach to the rear-view mirror bracket on the windscreen. The attachment system looks like this:


The three small hooks are supposed to grab around the metal bracket on the windscreen.

However, I have tried attaching it pretty hard and it won't go. I'm afraid of pushing against the glass even harder.

How would a professional do this? Do they support the windscreen from the other side when attaching something like this, or is it safe to just push as hard as needed?


I believe the mount is intended to be fitted over the receiving "button" rotated to 60degrees, then twisted clockwise into position. Ref. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K5CHUvNcS7A

  • Oh wow I think you're right! Thanks! I'll try it tonight. – FrederikVds Mar 18 at 12:26

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