I'm trying to fit a brand new head unit (Pioneer MVH-X580DAB) into my Renault Clio, 1996 model.

The old head unit is called a Philips DC 208 and has a single 10-pin input like this (exhibit A):

Exhibit A: 8pin

which connected via this crazy-looking thing (exhibit B):

Exhibit B: crazy looking thing

into the car itself which has two 8-pin adaptors like this (exhibit C):

Exhibit C: the adaptors coming out of the car (Note: I unfortunately didn't think to check which of B connected to which of C before I disconnected them!)

The stereo I have (which I guess is fairly standard) has this pair of 8-pin adaptors (Exhibit D):

Exhibit D: new stereo's adaptors

So the temptation is to just put the two 8-pin adaptors directly into the car, by-passing Exhibit B altogether. But I'd like some reassurance that this is a sensible thing to do.

Can anyone shed light on what any of these wires are and how to hook the stereo up to my car?

  • OK, I'm starting to think that what is coming out of the car (C) is a standard ISO 10487 and that what's coming out of the stereo (D) is too. So it should just work. Right?
    – LondonRob
    Apr 13, 2017 at 19:51
  • 1
    Yes! It works. In fact it's cleverer than I realised. You can't plug the wrong thing into the wrong thing because the two 8-pin connectors are differently shaped.
    – LondonRob
    Apr 13, 2017 at 20:02
  • Ha! It's awesome when you figure out your own issue, eh? Please write it up in an answer and select it as such :-) Welcome to Mechanics.SE! Apr 13, 2017 at 21:23

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This is a straightforward operation, assisted by the design of the connectors (ISO 10487).

You actually can't plug either of these 8-pin adaptors into the wrong thing because the design of the adaptors.

If you look at the connectors end-on, you'll see that the shape of the plastic housing is different. Each has an alignment tab sticking out of one side, but one of these tabs is a little off-centre.

Just plug the connector into whichever housing will fit and you're good to go. This is literally impossible to get wrong.

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