I am completely new to motorcycle maintenance, but need to adjust my clutch. I have watched a demonstration video for a similar model (I think) - but couldn't find an exact match.

Since I will be adjusting the cable (removing it from the fastener, opening the derby/clutch cover, etc...), will chaincase lubricant spill out of the derby cover when I go to adjust the clutch tension?

The owner manual's service chart does not indicate that the chaincase lubricant needs to be changed. Any other special concerns other than spilling lubricant?

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I found the following answer to my question after digging more on YouTube, thanks to J&P Cycles and this video https://youtu.be/4p_vjd0GtCk

Clutch adjustment must be done with the bike upright or the primary lubricant will spill out of the derby cover. According to the video, this applies to all late model "big-twin" bikes back to the EVO.

While it isn't required while adjusting the clutch, one can change the primary lubricant anyway (since the case is open) - especially if you are adjusting the clutch because of clutch wear (there will be more debris in the oil).

From owner's manual to the majority of tutorial videos, most sources recommend changing the derby seal at this time as well. My Harley Dealership sold a package of common o-rings and seals which included one for the derby cover.

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