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Necessary tools or caveats for working on R12 AC

After having the shop that repaired my R12 AC system last year mildly to moderately under-fill it (before it was ice-cold; now it cuts the humidity ok but only gets cool only after 10-20 minutes of ...
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Replacing/upgrading from R12 to R134 system in 71 C10

I am upgrading to R134 in my 71 C10. I have a re manufactured compressor to use R134, I have replaced the POA valve, in the process I have replaced the o rings. Looking at the new POA valve (Old Air) ...
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How do A/C professionals dispose of refrigerant?

The ubiquitous advisories and legislations against releasing A/C refrigerant into the atmosphere are well known - if you need to discharge R-134a or R-22 from your A/C system, have the gas evacuated ...
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Is it bad to mix different refrigerants?

I'm mainly wondering about different brands of refrigerants. In other words, mixing one brand of R134a with another brand, not mixing R12 and R134a (or anything like that).
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