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Fiat Punto MK2 rich mixture

I have a Fiat Punto MK2 with a petrol engine. It initially had a faulty ignition coil that would cause the car to idle rough when the engine gets hot. Few days ago, I changed it along with spark plugs....
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Fiat Punto Evo Sport Wing Mirror repair

I would be very appreciative for some general advice here. This morning during my commute (In the UK) I managed to park clip the driver's side wing mirror of a parked Fiat Punto. (Apparently an evo ...
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How does starter work without a trigger wire terminal?

Changing the starter on my 2007 Fiat 1.3 diesel. There is no "trigger wire" terminal. Instead the light wire is in a plastic housing which is bolted on under the battery feed. How does this work?
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Weird sound from starter and car won't start after heavy rain

I have a Fiat punto car 2006, manual transmission. I drove the car during rain, parked it and after a few hours of heavy rain tried to start the car again with no luck. I hear a ventilating sound, ...
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P0106 error in a brand new car

i have a brand new car: Fiat Punto street 1.2 69CV just This morning after 1 min after start the engine, it wasn't at full power and i had the error "check the engine" then with my program : "...
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adapter for ODB2 device

i have a car: "fiat punto street 2016". I just bought a device from ebay that can give me some informations and errors status, the problems is that the device has an interface OBD2 and it's ...
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Car brake failure on sharp incline and back once off incline

I just experienced this. I got a repair done on my handbrake yesterday (it was not holding on sharp inclines before, would slip with clicking sounds). So I wanted to test this and took car on a sharp ...
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Fiat Punto Evo 2010, headlight bulb not turning on

I recently brought a used 2010 Fiat Punto Evo and I am having trouble understanding all the bulbs in there and when they turn on. One of the bulbs is not turning on with any setting. Here is a ...
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Can steering wheel angle/torque sensor fit to a car that had it optional?

I need to read steering angle from a car for research purposes. My question is - can I fit a steering wheel angle/torque sensor to a particular car that itself has no ESP/ESC (Electronic Stability ...
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Fiat Punto Wont Start. Fuel Light & Three warning lights flashing

My Fiat Punto 1.2 Year 2000 MK2 (I believe) will not start. The engine turns over but the car won't start. The fuel light is flashing and petrol gauge says empty which isn't the case. There are three ...
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