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DTC P0401 EGR flow insufficient

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What does code P0401 mean?

I own a 2006 Malibu Maxx 3.5, last night a neighbor replaced my air filter, and after I went no more than two miles the check engine light went on . I will add that the filter was dirty but nowhere ...
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p0401 continues to show after replacing parts on 2002 lincoln blackwood 5.4L

P0401 continues to show after replacing egr valve, sensors, cleaned throttle body and still showing P0401 code. What else could be problem, any input will be greatly appreciated.
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Still have the P0401 code despite replacing EGR valve twice

I have a 200 honda accord with 275K miles on it. I have replace two EGR valves in the last 4 months. The problem I have is after 15 minutes of driving, the car will stall and I have to wait about a ...
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After Replacing EGR valve and tube: repeat of code P0401 for 98 Accord V6

About 13 months and 7500 miles ago, my mechanic replaced the EGR Valve and Tube and cleaned the intake to solve the low airflow problem. Now I'm again getting an insufficient flow warning with my ...
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P0401 and P0122 on a 2005 Hyundai Sonata

Our car has the check engine light come on with a codes P0401 and P0122. The car seems to run fine. What sorts of things should we check?
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