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I bought a used ECM off eBay for my vehicle. Same year, engine, options everything as mine. Do I still need to have it flashed to my car?

I bought an ECM off eBay for my 2004 Durango, donor vehicle is the same year, same engine (5.7), same tire size, same submodel. I think the only difference is the mileage, Do I still need to have it ...
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What caused a hole in the motor of my Dodge ram 1500 5.7 V8 Hemi pickup?

The gages have been perfect, oil was fine not overheating. Out of blue the power died and smoke rolled out. Oil every place. Nothing else looks damaged, just a hole.
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2003 Dodge Ram 5.7 overheat

Afternoon, my 2003 Dodge Ram 2500 with Hemi motor is over heating at highway speeds. I’ve replaced thermostat and water pump, have done 2 radiator flushes. While at idle the truck does not over heat. ...
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Will a hole in flex pipe or exhaust cause burned valves?

I bought a 300 5.7 hemi. It has a hole somewhere in the exhaust. I suspect flex pipe. Old owner said he's been driving it like that for a while. It's really Loud! Will it cause a burned valve? I will ...
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2014 Dodge RAM 1500 Hemi 5.7 Liter 4x4 - Loud Squeal [closed]

Last night I was just out for a drive down the highway and I went to turn off that highway onto another and I decided I haven't done a burnout in a while so I gave it a shot and shortly after that ...
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How do you un-seize an engine?

I have an older engine that is seized. It is a 1953 Desoto Hemi. How can I un-seize it? I have sprayed Sea Foam Deep Creep down the plugs and let sit for weeks. As well as transmission fluid. To no ...
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