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BMW E90 320i 2002 is not reving up misfire

My car doesn't want to rev up and is idling badly. I have tried changing the coil packs still the same symptoms.
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Advantages of installing a bigger exhaust or two pipe exhaust when upgrading to a bigger engine

I recently installed a 328i engine on my BMW E36 320i. Now I know that E36 328i come with a bigger exhaust with two openings, not sure if they are dual pipes. But the 320i come equipped with a smaller ...
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Does the E90 320i 2006 use the same Coils and O2 sensors as the E90 328i?

I'm looking on eBay for replacement parts for my E90 320i 2006, but I can't find anything for it. In the results I always find replacement parts for the 325i, 328i, etc., but not for my 320i 2006. I ...
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What's the difference between BMW 320i SE and Non SE?

My Dad gave us a car, but we don't know the exact model of it. We know that it's a BMW 320i imported from Japan. The year is 2006. There's a letter "M" on the steering wheel. Some pictures: http://...
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