I know that Diesel Mechanical Inline Plunger injection pumps have a lift pump that supplies the main injection pump. Is it also the same case on Bosch Kugelfischer mechanical plunger injection pumps that work with gasoline instead of diesel?

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The Bosch Kugelfischer (I'll use "BK" for short going forward) mechanical plunger injection pumps for petrol engines were used across a variety of makes/models of vehicles from the late 60's into the mid-80's. They were derived from the diesel pumps as you suggested. A couple of vehicles which use the BK pump was the BMW 2002Tii and 2002 Turbo. Below is from a technical supplement for the 2002 Turbo. You can see #3 is a fuel pump, which is separate from the #7 injector pump. #3 is a typical lift pump which provides the supply at low pressure to the injector pump, which, through the use of a cam mechanism, increases the fuel pressure so it can be injected.

enter image description here

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