Does anyone know what type of key this is for my anti wheel theft bolts? It's from a VW Golf Mk5 but I don't know if it's OEM. Has a "H" on the back - no number.


Thanks for any help

  • H ids for Hammered... If it is OEM, then a dealer will be able to get you a replacement (but you may, or may not, like the price). But the original locking nuts on my car were removed - too old for people to want to nick the wheels now... – Solar Mike Jul 19 '20 at 17:55

Rule #1 don't use impact drivers on locking lug nuts. It looks like a McGard lock. However they have been around long enough for there to be cheaply made knock-off brands. All is not lost though. They actually sell special sockets just to remove locking lug nuts. Which makes you wonder how effective they really are.

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