I own a 2001 Toyota Camry that I rarely use. I only drive once a month or so, but can go two or three months without driving at all.

Considering the tendency of a SLA battery to die when drained is there some type or model of battery which would be better for me than a regular SLA battery? My current battery is dead and I'm just jumping the car off a little plug in jump starter every time I drive now.

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From looking around, SLA should still last long enough for your intervals, although this depends a lot on temperature. That said, they still may not like it as much.

I'd just recommend picking up a good SLA and an appropriate Battery Tender (or something similar) and connecting it at somewhat regular intervals or just leaving it connected when you're not using the car and letting Float Mode do the work.

Doing this should keep your battery for many, many, years barring some unusual circumstance. Check this section covering SLA batteries. Based on the info here, you could opt for an AGM if you wanted to, but the considerably cheaper SLA option should totally cover your needs if the battery is kept charged and healthy.


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