My car is a 1994 toyota camry LE 3.0. I just changed the transmission fluid today.

I add the new fluid to the level up to the full (upper) level of the cold (C) range scale.

I drive the car for 15 minutes, the car runs very smooth and show nothing unusual from the changing of the speed in RPM or speed. I came back to measure the fluid level. I pull out the fluid stick to read the level. On one side of the stick, it shows almost no fluid, but on the other side of the stick, it shows fluid level exceeded higher than the upper scale of the HOT range.

Can you tell me is this normal? Or what is the problem there?

  • You need the manufacturer’s instructions for checking the level... otherwise you could make some expensive mistakes... – Solar Mike Jul 7 '19 at 7:15

im having the same trouble, but sorting it out when you look at the dip stick and there's no oil when the cars going i added about quarter of a litre until l it came up the stick with engine in neutral when i eventually saw it and my heart attack failed to happen , now it was at least up to the cold notches ,i drove it around the block untill my engine was now hot and the oil was more expanded , had another look when the car is still going and topped it up a bit more getting close to hot notch with the car still running, its hard because of fluid on /in walls of dip stick tube, if you turn the car off and go away for a while the fluid inside drains back to the transmission sump and if u look at the stick it may be higher than the hot notches, this is why you do it with the car running in neutral? this is what im experiencing now it may not help u but i think its working for me i yet to take it on a long drive and to stop and check it i may even have to remove some when its cool if i think its to high ,? good luck let me know what happens

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