I've made the nutty decision to ride a tiny motorcycle across a foreign country and I'm trying to get a tool kit together. The bike is a Honda Z-50 mini-trail knock off called a Skyteam ST-50 (aka SkyMini). What tools will I need to keep the little bike from rattling completely apart and to change a tire if I get a flat?


The bike in question will certainly rattle apart if you're going on a long adventure, so having tools with you is a good idea. And if you're in rough terrain, your chance of a flat tire is also pretty high.

The bike has split rims, so changing a tire is a royal pain. If I were you, I'd bring a "goop" type tire filler canister, and hope that works, as opposed to changing the tire. But if you do need to change a tire, you'll need a 20mm and a 15mm to remove the shaft, then 12mm and 13mm to get the rim apart. Also, your replacement tube can't have a very long tire stem or you won't be able to get the air hose on it.

Adjusting the chain tension and changing the oil will require a 10mm and a 17mm, respectively. The spark plug will require a 16mm (5/8 inch).

I understand that going cross country with all your gear on this bike requires you to pack light, but having the tools will be worth the weight.

bolt sizes for skyteam skymini st-50 monkey bike

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