I have a very annoying volume bug with this infotainment system¹ and that is why I would like to get the version info of mine and see if there is an update. So far no about button gives me the software version of my IntelliLink R 4.0

¹: Radio and Spotify off. the Google Maps navigation lady speaks and right after the radio comes back -despite it was off- with full volume! There is also a very much volume difference between radio and anything that runs on Android Auto (Maps, Spotify, WhatsApp notifications etc.)

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The Astra K was released in 2015 so it would still be under warranty (as of 12/2017)

I'd take it to a local dealership and explain the problem as it could be a faulty radio or a software upgrade could be required


Apparently this video with the passcode 20130822 opens up the developer mode and within there one can check the IntelliLink R 4.0 version. (At least works for my headunit)

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