I woke to find antifreeze all over the driveway. My reservoir was empty. I took it to the radiator shop and they said I had to leaks. Then I remembered I had the warranty so I took it to the dealership, and all of a sudden I don't have any leaks. Long story short, I think the dealership put stop leak into radiator.

Is there a way to tell if they fixed the radiator vs. putting stop leak in it? For example, if they put stop leak into the radiator, would I be able to tell visually by looking at the antifreeze? Mine has black white grayish powdery stuff and I'm wondering why.


Sounds at least plausible. There are two different types of stop leaks that I'm aware of. One is a silvery substance; the other has chunks of gunk suspended in some type of fluid. I've had success with both of them, but these will usually only work as a stop gap measure. The leak will usually reappear or a new leak will appear of the same nature as the first.

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