I just bought a new float needle that fits and it still seem like the tang is not even touching the needle when I press the floater all way in.I have a PJ carb,maybe the floaters are to a pwk carb,maybe not the right size.Can anyone help me out here gas shoots straight out the overflow hose when I cut the fuel on

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Replace the float as well. Sometimes depending upon what material it's made the float can be somewhat soaked with fuel changing the weight of it.

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Needle and seat issue

Your needle isn't hitting the seat in the float.

  • check for physical obstruction of the floats

  • always replace the needle and seat as a pair. They fit together.

  • ensure your floats actually float and do not have any holes in them

If you provide more information like the model of the bike we can provide a less generic answer perhaps. Please include model number of the carb as well as information about the needle you purchased.

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