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Adding a additional battery to car
2 votes

It's possible that you will have a problem with your car's wiring not supporting enough amps for all of those machines running concurrently. 2 laptops and a mini running all at the same time could be ...

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Does the tachometer provide any indication of fuel usage?
2 votes

Also keep in mind that increasing speed will increase fuel economy if you are going below a certain speed; that speed varies with the car: See

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Removing rear seat bottom: recent BMW 318d Touring
1 votes

I don't have a totally definitive answer to this, but I did learn that the bolt takes a Torx T50 bit. It was impossible to unscrew without a proper wrench (I just had a hand screwdriver) and I ...

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How can I elegantly secure a USB charging cable to the dashboard?
0 votes

I use packing tape (clear, strong tape from e.g. the post office) and epic twist ties to rig up stuff like this. I hook the twist ties into the heating vents. The twist ties are especially useful ...

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