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Im a nerd, tech geek, armchair know it all, etc. Interests mostly lay close to the bare metal, electronics, hardware vulnerabilities. Though just about anything dealing with computing, electronics, mechanics and sensing, or really anything in this crazy mixed up world we live in can tickle my fancy at any given moment. I'm a firm believer in the free flow of knowledge and experience, and would rather celebrate the differences between us to bring ourselves together in understanding than disparage an unforseen outlier for not confirming to any given world view thus further driving the wedges threatening to divide us.

The most interesting phrase in a laboratory is not "eureka!" Its, "huh...well, that's weird..."

Normality is for people too engrossed in affixing the world to their rose tinted assumptions. I'll take abject chaos, that's where the action is!

Provided you are not encroaching upon the rights, freedoms, liberties, property, and/or health of another (in most cases without permission, though sometimes permission or not... probably should rethink things....), always remember ... You got this. I believe in you. Now let's make the 80 years we get on this rock worth having!

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