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I enjoy taking ideas and making them into a reality. I have a knack for visualizing aspects of a project such as identifying resources, potential issues, timelines, and costs. Critical thinking becomes key here.

A very important aspect that I believe in is making everything reusable and scalable in a way that makes sense depending on the situation. For example, my company once had a need to make a software product work in Japanese. I learned everything I could about the Japanese language (as a side effect, I still study it to this day), unicode encodings, right to left languages, and database collations. This project was then executed in such a way that it could support all types of languages, and it did not take extra work. Since then, the project has also been easily translated to German, French, Hindi, Chinese, and Arabic. When you have a goal to accomplish, try not to paint yourself into a corner and miss utilizing potential aspects that may have value. Otherwise, you may forego future projects and deals. It's working smarter, not harder.


  • Software Architecture and Development Lifecycles
  • Programming Languages
  • Routers
  • Database Design
  • Clustering and Redundancy Technologies
  • Disaster Recovery
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