Native Texan recently moved from Austin to SA. Began fixing my car in Feb when got an engine light, had shop read a P0174, Po175 code from hell and a litany of bad translations/advice ensued. That first fix was with duct tape on the pvc elbow/valve piece, followed by the replacement for $26. Had I taken all the advice, I’d have no tools and a lot of unnecessary parts on my Ford Taurus SE ohv 2002. I began studying and slowly adding necessary tools to my apt. garage repertoire which takes time when low on the dime! I’ve changed the oil and filter, cleaned the maf and throttle body, replaced the tensioner, water pump, coolant reservoir, upper and lower radiator hoses, right motor mount and now have a power steering leak. I joined a great club in March, had probs w/tech on their end, finally got up and running end of August, then phone and tablet stolen and accounts hacked, so started new id w/club, but not getting anywhere again and spending too many hours doing so. I’m hoping this forum will be helpful. Trying to spend less time online, so don't intend to be a super user...

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