Native Texan recently moved from Austin to SA. Began fixing my car in Feb when got an engine light, had code read and a litany of just bad translations/advice, etc. Low on funds so began studying and now can't quit! The more I know the less I do cuz realize how much work my Stella needs! I'm over 55 w/a big bday tmrw. Hey, if a mature lady w/no prior knowledge can repair her own car - ANYONE can! Right now need help. "Joined" Taurus Club March 13th but still can't get on forum. When answer a member's email, it bounces back. My screen eternally says "You're computer is awaiting authorization"... there was one email early on with a real contact address, but it no longer works. No contact info. If anyone can help or ever reads this...I can use it! Last I remember it was Memorial Day and now nearly Labor Day! Or maybe a better car repair online forum? thanks!

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