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Can radiator cool down a car too much?
7 votes

The thinner radiator might make it easier for the cold air to flow through the engine compartment. (The radiator itself wont cool an already cool engine at all if the thermostat is intact.) In cold ...

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Static vs. Effective compression: Why does higher effective compression not require higher octane gas?
4 votes

In addition to good answer by @Bob: There are some tricks that can be used to ease the problem: A knock sensor for detecting premature detonations (and adjusting boost pressure). E.g. Saab APC ...

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Pros/cons of higher capacity car battery?
2 votes

A larger battery seems to be less trouble in any situation (forgetting your lights on, biding time in you car with the engine off, etc.) I went with a 70Ah closed lead battery in my Saab 900.

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What problems may occur if clutch is not used?
2 votes

There are synchro rings that match the speed of the gears when you push the stick. Synchro rings are not designed to accelerate/decelare the engine / whole car and will wear out quickly if you don't ...

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Engine revs high 5th gear manual transmission
1 votes

If no power is transfered at all, the gear box is probably broken. If any some is transfered (and there are no noisy metallic sounds :), it's probably the clutch. There should'n really be anything ...

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