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How to find a part lost in the snow
16 votes

If the area you lost it in isn't too large, you could shovel the snow into a big bucket, bring it inside, and let it melt. This could be tricky if the area you might have lost it is large, or if the ...

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If I am just replacing the car engine, do I need to replace the odometer as well?
14 votes

You're probably better off not replacing the odometer. You will need to keep accurate track of how far the car has been driven in total, so if you were to later sell your car without disclosing that ...

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What's the ideal following distance to prevent rock strikes?
4 votes

The obvious answer is "far away". Rocks get thrown up with variable height and speed. If a rock doesn't go high enough to clear your car in the first place, the only way to avoid it is to be far ...

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Why is fuel going down quicker than expected giving miles driven?
1 votes

This is likely a result of lower fuel efficiency due to city driving and driving with a cool engine. Engines have an optimal operating temperature, which is normally around a couple of hundred degrees ...

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