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Production / Test Engineer working with semiconductor manufacturing equipment. Mainly using Production, Test (Electrical + Mechanical) and Computer skills.

"99% of faults are connection issues"

Common Questions...............

Is it Plugged In, Turned on and the Screws done up?

Are the leads broken? Is there a connection? Is it a good connection?

Is the communications interface compatible?

Has the Software ever worked!?

Did you change ANYTHING? (and yes, messing with the SPI read write minimum waits counts )

Are the UART parameters set?

Have all the pins been defined?

Is the pin numbering the same on this connector as that connector?


If the fuse keeps blowing, You have a problem...

PCB's are not supposed to be expensive fuses, You have a problem ...

When you flick the switch and hear a bang, You have a problem...

The smell of hot plastic means, You have a problem.

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