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When stopping, should I put the transmission in neutral?
Accepted answer
10 votes

I was always taught to put the car in neutral while waiting at lights. I ruined my throw out bearing by always holding the clutch in. Apparently it was a very difficult replacement because it was a ...

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Motorcycle stood for over 12 months, turn over by hand first?
Accepted answer
8 votes

If you have stored a vehicle for an extended period of time and did not prepare it for storage properly by draining the fuel it seems you should consider doing the following things. Drain all gas ...

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Disconnect seat switch to disable airbag?
5 votes

Disabling an air bag component doesn't seem like a good idea. I think on some systems if you disable a piece of it, it can disable the whole system. I'm not any kind of an expert but messing with ...

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What is the expected lifetime and failure mode of lead acid battery?
3 votes

I just bought a battery and it said the expected life of it right on the side of it. Mine said three years but I bought an expensive one.

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Can I buy a used car to learn auto repair & DIY?
1 votes

Craiglist is good. You can find things on there for cheap. You can find away around the California insurance problem. I think you should get fuel injected car that's enough to hook a scanner to so ...

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Will an old engine have worse fuel efficiency than a new engine?
0 votes

It seems to me that it would perform worse over time since parts are going to be worn out. From what I understand piston rings can become worn out and not seal the piston very well in the cylinder. ...

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Battery Explosion - What are the reasons a battery would explode?
-1 votes

Maybe there was too much heat in the battery and it didn't have a venting system. I would think that a buildup of pressure from that could cause the batter to explode.

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