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8 votes

Are these holes at the bottom of a 1965 VW Beetle Fuel Tank part of its design? Does something go there?

1 vote

I need to take my motor mount off. I don't have a jack. So can can I take off that mount to get to my alternator pulley without dropping the motor?

2 votes

Car battery at 10v, then shows 14,5v while car running after boost, then when car turns off, drops to 10v again within a minute

3 votes

Why have I had to replace so many exhaust pipes?

6 votes

MOT work (is this vehicle in need of welding?)

16 votes

Why do you need to use a flare nut wrench instead of the open part of a combination spanner?

1 vote

Changing car locks to newer ones for security?

57 votes

Rats biting off fuel line ( again and again and again )!

2 votes

Batteries for electric vehicles commonly available much like gasoline

13 votes

Why do I see reverse lights blink on and off on vehicles waiting for a traffic light?

1 vote

Could a car left sitting for 6 years ever run again?

7 votes

When the handbrake is not working, is it safe to fully depend on putting car into park instead?

9 votes

Spark plug broke off in engine - can I drive the car?

5 votes

Why has my car burnt through all the oil?

0 votes

Making a custom exhaust

3 votes

Strange overheating behaviour

11 votes

Is disabling the airbag inflators a task that an amateur can tackle?