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Looking for suggestions about what to try and fix on my tecumseh snow blower engine that stalls after you stop putting load on it
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I dumped a lot of fuel stabilizer and lots of this other blue enzyme stuff in the fuel tank and when I used it for this most recent snow, it never hiccuped. I guess it was bad gas.

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Newly self-installed stereo system quiet with poor, tinny sound quality
Accepted answer
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Sounds like no amplification. I don't know hyundai and all but I had a similar problem with my volvo, they had a separate amp box that you had to have a special aftermarket harness to wire to to kick ...

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Need help hacking a solution to a bmw e61 (2007 530xi wagon) rear air suspension failure
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So it turns out reading the comments on youtube proved helpful. The valve you run 12v to isn't just for letting air out of the system, it's also for letting air in. So once I ran power to the valve, I ...

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Can I put a regular lead acid battery in place of a gel battery in a BMW R110RT?
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I got this from Craig Hansen of Stu, You can put in a acid battery, but most times the ABS system will fault on cold mornings. The BMW Gel battery doesn't normally doesn't ...

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