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Fluid used in the brake system to transfer pedal pressure to the caliper to stop or slow a vehicle. Commonly used types of brake fluid include DOT 3, DOT 4, DOT 5, and DOT 5.1. A higher "DOT" number i…
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A safety light on vehicles standardized as red. A brake light will become illuminated through the use of a vehicles braking system where a switch indicating the use of a brake pedal is actuated to al…
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Pipe, hose or tube containing either the air or fluid that will apply pressure for the brakes.
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contained within a brake caliper.
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Foot-operated input control device that directs either hydraulic or air pressure to be applied to the braking system.
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Referring to the portion of a wheel brake which slows the rotation of the wheels/tires to slow or stop a vehicle. Friction is applied through pads by way of a caliper to reduce the rotational speed. T…
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typically driven by either pneumatic or hydraulic systems that multiply the force applied by an operator to slow a vehicles rate of speed through the use of friction.
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The act of applying brakes to reduce a motor vehicles speed.
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Referring to the General Motors, Oldsmobile brand, GMT330 platform, which was available from 1991-1994 & 1996-2001 (There was no 1995 model available). This was succeeded by the Buick Rainier and Saab…
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Ford Motor Company Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV), produced between 1966-1996.
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A Division of General Motors. Includes models such as Grand National, Riviera, Gran Sport, Regal, Enclave, LaCrosse, and others.
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Either an incandescent, halogen or LED electrical fixture that provides either illumination or information.
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a part of a car designed to reduce damage to the car in the event of a minor collision.
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The process of purchasing a vehicle.
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A Programming Language
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Filter used primarily to clean air which comes into the passenger compartment. This is usually paper based, but can have an added charcoal portion to reduce odors.
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Cadillac, formally the Cadillac Motor Car Division, is a division of U.S.-based General Motors (GM) that markets luxury vehicles worldwide. Its primary markets are the United States, Canada, and China…
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