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A tag is a keyword or label that categorizes your question with other, similar questions. Using the right tags makes it easier for others to find and answer your question.

A light, medium, or heavy duty vehicle often used for transporting goods. Frequently used to refer to consumer pickup trucks (light duty), but can also refer to large panel vans and diesel utility tru…
149 questions
French Carmaker best known for the Clio and Megane models, and Formula One team
147 questions
Use for questions where temperature is a significant feature – e.g., problems that occur only at a specific temperature.
147 questions
A type of gasket used between the cylinder head and engine block to seal the combustion chambers and cylinders, oil galley's and coolant galley's.
145 questions
A division of General Motors which produces trucks, buses, vans, and other large vehicles.
145 questions
Device placed within the exhaust system used to catalyze pollutant gasses found in exhaust gasses. Is normally located after the exhaust header, but before the muffler. Can be configured as 2-way or a…
143 questions
Refers to engine intake or exhaust valves.
143 questions
The act of re-vitalising the plates inside a car's battery (voltaic pile)
142 questions
A Division of General Motors. Includes models such as Grand National, Riviera, Gran Sport, Regal, Enclave, LaCrosse, and others.
140 questions
A Japanese manufacturer of motor vehicles, boat motor, snow vehicles and small engine driven devices
140 questions
German motor manufacturer, part of General Motors.
139 questions
Peugeot is a French auto maker, part of the PSA group which also includes Citroen.
138 questions
The part of the vehicle body attached on hinges which closes and opens to allow passenger entry and exit.
137 questions
for generic questions related to tools, techniques and methodologies for diagnosing problems. Do not use this tag for case-specific problems, the "troubleshooting" tag is better suited fo…
137 questions
An assembly to generate heat inside the cab of a vehicle, frequently taking hot air off the engine block and sending it into the driver's compartment.
135 questions
The Mazda3 or Mazda 3 (known as the Mazda Axela in Japan) is a compact car manufactured in Japan by Mazda. It was introduced in 2003 as a 2004 model, replacing the Familia/323/Protegé. A performance-o…
134 questions
A Ford pick-up, commonly referred to as a 1/2 ton.
132 questions
A condition in a motor vehicle where the starter will turn the engine over, but the engine will not start.
128 questions
Hydraulic device that compresses brake pads against spinning brake discs in order to create a higher friction co-efficient to reduce a vehicles forward or rearward motion.
124 questions
Harm caused to a part of a vehicle either by engine malfunction or physical abuse, as in the case of an accident or a careless mechanic.
123 questions
Note that shopping questions are off-topic.
123 questions
The process of fixing or refinishing portions of the body on a vehicle. This could include metal work (straightening or replacing) or paint finishing/re-finishing.
123 questions
Measure of the force applied to an object that causes it to rotate.
122 questions
The process of using a charged battery from a functional vehicle to start a vehicle, usually one with a battery too drained to turn the engine.
122 questions
120 questions
Questions and discussions about preparing a vehicle for winter, either stored or in use. Appropriate tags should be used with this according to the part being discussed (e.g. tyres)
119 questions
The Honda CR-V is a compact SUV, manufactured since 1995 by Honda.
119 questions
A two wheeled motorized vehicle with a cylinder volume less than 50cc
118 questions
UK carmaker, part of the GM group. Known for models such as the Astra, Corsa and Vectra, which are often branded as Opel, Holden etc elsewhere in the world
117 questions
Cylinder heads (commonly just called "heads") are the big piece of metal which caps and seals the end of the cylinder bore.
116 questions
The Mustang is an American automobile manufactured by Ford, which has been in continuous production since march 1964.
113 questions
Questions about troubleshooting and repairing power (electric) window systems
111 questions
Questions about windscreen/windshield wipers, their motors, linkages and wiring
110 questions
110 questions
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