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A condition where one or more engine cylinders experiences lack of combustion or mistimed combustion through detonation
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Korean carmaker, rapidly gaining in popularity due to their long warranties
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High-end German carmaker, part of the Volkswagen group.
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A very rapid moving back and forth of an engine part or piece of vehicle body or chasis.
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Questions about identifying, locating and repairing oil leaks from an engine, gearbox or differential
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Compact car made by the Ford motor company. Replacement for the well-known Escort.
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An acronym for "Check Engine Light" warning light on a vehicle's dashboard.
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Questions about troubleshooting and solving rough idle problems
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An electronic device that monitors a particular parameter and provides data to be consumed by other systems to adjust and/or monitor vehicle systems. Examples include: mass air flow (MAF) sensors, oil…
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Japanese carmaker, known for the Lancer and Evolution models
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RPM = number of Revolutions Per Minute. Most commonly an acronym for engine crankshaft speed.
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Questions related to the engine running without advancing the throttle.
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HVAC - Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning.
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"Shifting" refers to the act of cycling through different sized gears in a transmission with the goal of maintaining the engine's optimum power output while the vehicle is accelerating. Shifting gears…
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Tools used to repair motor vehicles. Avoid shopping questions.
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A loss of electrochemical potential between positive and negative terminals a car's battery, creating a loss of power, sometimes to the point of being unable to start the vehicle.
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Questions relating to the safe use of tools, safety procedures, use of safety equipment and other methods of avoiding harm to yourself or others.
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Electrical components that monitor or control the engine and other vehicle systems, or that provide entertainment, information, or network access. Engine Control Units (ECUs), their sensors, radios, n…
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The act of increasing speed over time.
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An expendable (single-use) electrical component that safeguards an electrical circuit by melting or otherwise interrupting the flow of current if the current exceeds the designed limit.
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The byproduct of oxidation of a metallic material
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Anything to do with cleaning the interior or exterior or removing things like stickers and decals.
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An exhaust-driven forced-induction device that increases an engine's power output and efficiency.
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Aligning the wheels on a motor vehicle to a particular degree from center to ensure the forward path of a vehicle remains static.
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Engines used in applications such as lawn mowers, go carts, chain saws, compressors, small pumps, generators, garden tractors, and string trimmers. Frequently hand (pull) started and without an electr…
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A key is an instrument that is used to operate a lock. A key is usually intended to operate one specific lock or a small number of locks that are keyed alike, so each lock requires a unique key. The k…
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A security device which requires a physical or digital key to unlock the device.
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Referring to the automobile manufacturer Chrysler Group LLC, which is a subsidiary of the Italian auto maker Fiat. Could also refer to the flagship brand of that Group.
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The various chemicals emitted in exhaust gasses from an internal combustion engine. The usual gasses which are measured through emissions testing are Nitrogen Oxide (NO2), Carbon Monoxide (CO2), and H…
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A method of mixing fuel and air to be consumed by an internal combustion engine.
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Anti-Lock Brakes, a safety system that allows the driver to maintain control of the car during a panic stop. The system prevents the wheels from locking up.
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A belt used in overhead cam internal combustion engines to the keep the camshaft and crankshaft synchronized. This tag is not to be used for timing-chain related problems.
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Volkswagen model. Produced from 1979 to present. Named Vento and Bora in Europe for one generation each.
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A container within a vehicle that stores fuel for a vehicle with an internal combustion engine.
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A light, medium, or heavy duty vehicle often used for transporting goods. Frequently used to refer to consumer pickup trucks (light duty), but can also refer to large panel vans and diesel utility tru…
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