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Remove AdBlue from windshield washer fluid tank

I would put a hosepipe into the washer fluid filler and just flush it out with water. AdBlue is apparently non-toxic, so there should be no problem doing this -
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Wobbly clutch pedal

An "unhappy" amount of movement in the pedal doesn't seem right, especially in a new car. If no one here can give you a definitive answer, and looking at the pedal mount and linkage under the dash isn'...
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Vauxhall Zafira rear lights not working

Because stop / tail lights are so important, manufacturers will occasionally split the circuit so that they have a fuse for each side of the car. That way, if the fuse blows, you don't loose all ...
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Wobbly clutch pedal

The first step is figuring out where the wiggle is coming from. Stick your head or a camera under the dash and check the pedal assembly. If you don't have an Olympic gymnast-like ability to contort ...
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Electronics work fine, but engine won't start

you have pretty much diagnosed your own problem. The problem is the main key. You need to take the car to a dealership or qualified car locksmith, and they can reset the key code or replace the faulty ...
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What is this recall for my Vauxhall/Opel Zafira heating?

The procedure has changed slightly from the end of November 2015 and half way December it was officially declared a recall by the DVSA and Vauxhall. In addition to the desciption above, Vauxhall also: ...
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Cause of engine oil and coolant mixing in head tank of Vauxhall Zafira

Would a malfunctioning oil cooler cause oil and water to mix in the engine? Possibly - but it's pretty unlikely. Nine out of ten times this is going to be a blown head gasket I'm afraid.
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Car Clutch issue after repair Vauxhall Zafira 2007

As Solar Mike says it sounds like the linkage between the gear lever and gearbox selector rod has been refitted but not adjusted in the correct position. Normally you would make a note or mark this ...
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2008 Opel Zafira possible windscreen leak

I would begin to look around your windshield molding, front and back. Ensure the rubber is not dry rotted. Dry rot can occur from many heat cycles (night/day) as well as ultra violet light exposure. ...
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What is the typical battery power consumption of a parked car?

The direct question about leakage The parasitic battery draw should be VERY low - just keep-alive for clock, radio stations and powertrain computer. A few milliamps. You should be able to park a ...
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What is the typical battery power consumption of a parked car?

Paulster2's comment is spot-on: there is no single current drain number that applies to all cars. If you can find an Opel forum, someone there may have measured current drain on a 2014. In general ...
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Can i use old ecu on replacement enigine with same model number

If it's the same exact model engine then you can use the ECU without any changes or re-programming. Mechanically it's the same, and the ECU has no way of knowing that it's a different engine as it ...
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Opel Zafira A enters safe mode above 3500 rpm

I doubt that I can write an coherent answer but I'll try to bring up some points: Those two marked parts are solenoid vacuum valves. The upper one controls the egr valve. The lower one controls the ...
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Remove AdBlue from windshield washer fluid tank

AdBlue is mostly water. Hold the washer button and run the tank dry. Hose off the windscreen with plenty of fresh water. Refill the tank with wash fluid.
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