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Replace that joint - if it is showing that much movement it needs replacing.


Likely the cracks started at the weld HAZ ( heat affected zone) , a common problem with steels. But auto sheet metal is normally low carbon so this should not be a problem. The fact that the cracks run through the base metal shows that there have been high stresses , likely higher than the design planned. Other than repair welding , apparently it needs all ...


“Only city use”... and only used at weekends... never raced or rallied... anyway, rivets won’t be good enough unless they are the old type that are inserted glowing red and hammered down. You need to drill out the old spot welds then weld them together otherwise it will fail.


The obvious answer here to me is, if you are hearing a noise which you've never heard before, it's not normal. Heim joints themselves should have a full 360° turning capability without binding. So, one of three things I can think of are going on here. There is an interference issue unrelated to the joint Something else is worn out which you've not taken ...

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