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Short answer : no, you can't apply the force suddenly enough to make the socket flex to make a difference - what can skew the readings or, at least, the torque applied is friction between the nut or bolt head and the surface it is mating to. That is why some manuals state the type of lubricant to be used between the nut / washer etc.


It's called a double D or shock absorber socket


While you run the risk of breaking the bolt in either case, I've had good results using an impact driver when removing such fasteners.


Impact is better. It vibrates and reverse hammers in between each hammer (weakly). This helps break up corrosion that may freeze a nut in place.


The reason of why the range is limited may be because those sensors do not have a linear response and accuracy will decrease sharply below and above the declared range. Mechanical torque wrenches have the same problem and are inaccurate at lower ends. As a general rule you can build a precise sensor over a small range, or a sensor with a large range and a ...


Using a torque wrench for both of these is good standard practice. Do you absolutely need to use it for these? No. But the outcome may not be what you desired. It's important to use a torque wrench when putting the wheel on, because without it, you run the risk of warping your rim. It's the same reason you want to put the lugs on in an alternating pattern, ...


Impact sockets are exactly as you describe them (This Ingersoll Rand Tool Tip provides info.) Don't let the idea of the impact socket being more pliable fool you. The main idea of the impact socket and the reason why it can flex is to handle the extreme, sudden torque which is applied through the impact gun. This flexibility will not affect the outcome of ...


Yes they do. Annually at least, and the good ones are sold with calibration certificates from new.


As Mike said in the comments, shoot for somewhere in between. Set your torque wrench and forget it. As long as you are hitting a number in between the specifications, your car and shock absorber will be just fine.

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