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Side mirror fell off, what adhesive should I use to re-attach it

Gorilla glue or Loctite should work well. Loctite is used on airliners. // Information below from the website link ...
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Side mirror fell off, what adhesive should I use to re-attach it

I would use something from the Sikaflex range: For example, Sikaflex 221 This is used for Lotus Elise repairs and bonding various ...
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Removing "granny-mirrors"....?

It appears that the mirror is placed over the "closer than appears" warning. This would indicate that it's an aftermarket item. Your idea of using dental floss is a good one. The adhesives on these ...
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Re-attaching door mirror glass

After considering my options, I decided to go for a contact adhesive rather than an epoxy. I was concerned that after hardening the epoxy would become brittle, whereas the contact adhesive looked like ...
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How do I replace the side mirror glass in a 2004 WRX?

The mirror glass is fixed by adhesive pads, which usually come with the replacement glass. Use a heat gun on the old mirror glass to soften the glue, and gently pull it out. Wear gloves, in case of ...
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How can I fix this broken motorcycle mirror mount?

If say you removed the handlebars it would give you much better access to the area to work. Once the bars are removed along with the throttle grip, I would possibly try a mini hacksaw to remove the ...
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Grand Cherokee folding mirror mechanism damaged by car wash?

What you describe is pretty standard. Every electic mirror I've had does this by design. Just push it back out again if the button does not do it for you.
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Golf Mk5 2007: Driver side mirror field of view weirdly different after repair

The mechanic installed the wrong part. The mirror glass is available in three versions with different curvature (flat, convex or aspherical). Which glass is used where depends on your country. In ...
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Removing "granny-mirrors"....?

i think the hairdryer trick isn't a bad one. to remove residue adhesive, i have found "Goo Gone" very helpful. i'm not sure if there's a generic variant of the chemical, but i was going to recommend ...
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Why are side mirrors glass?

The first and simplest reason is that glass is cheap cf. a plastic that will support the uv rays that will hit the mirror during use. Then, the glass is designed to shatter into small pieces when it ...
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How to deactivate the button that control auto open and close of side mirrors

Without knowing what the car is, pull the door trim and disconnect the mirror in question. There may or may not be a disable button, check your owners manual. If the mirrors automatically open and ...
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