I would put a hosepipe into the washer fluid filler and just flush it out with water. AdBlue is apparently non-toxic, so there should be no problem doing this - https://www.carbuyer.co.uk/tips-and-advice/152834/what-is-adblue


According to the Houghton Chemical website (one manufacturer), "The desired percentage of pre-mixed windshield washer fluid is 37% Methanol which yields a freeze point of –20°F." Although various mixes abound on the market, including summer blends and others for relatively temperate regions of the country, freeze protection of -20 seems to be one ...


Your windshield was not cleaned properly before applying the Rain-X Original. Your wipers are perfectly fine, there’s lingering dirt and grime on your windshield, it’s hardly ever the wipers unless they’re torn. The RainX in the tall spray bottle is crap, you want the RainX in the little 3.5oz cardboard box. It’s just better somehow. Now You need to deep ...

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