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New wheels need balance by adding or removing weight, if the wheel is imbalanced then it will result in a lot of vibration


"A lot of desert travel" has quite a bit of wiggle room but if you are going to be doing extended drives aired down, I'd assume you are going to be on bad dirt roads or larger/sharp gravel roads or even sand, so you probably want a more aggressive tread. You'll sacrifice noise and a bit of mileage on the highway, but something more like an MT will ...


It depends on where the damage to the tire is at whether you'd need to replace the tire. If it is on the side wall, tire places will not fix it. I'd assume (from your description) the damage is most likely in the tread area. You won't know until you get it looked at, though. Tread can most likely be fixed with a patch from the back side, unless the damage is ...

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