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I would use the tabbed washers : they don't affect the torque reading as once the nut is torqued, they bend easily and just lock the nut into place. Loctite - if available - may not always be effective if the parts are not clean. Tabs work if the parts are clean or dirty.


Yes, part of the function of a washer is to spread the load. If the manual or parts list lists them then they should be there - someone in the past may have made a mistake and left them out...


TL DR: Use the flat washer. As @SolarMike said, one of the functions of the flat washer is to spread the load. The other function of a flat washer is to ensure the bolt (or nut in your case) doesn't gall (dig into) the aluminum (EDIT: I did misread the question a little. As the OP and Zaid pointed out, this is an aluminum block with a cast iron head. This ...

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