Looks like part of the muffler to me. You should have it replaced it could end up obstructing the exhaust.


That is usually caused by a tired ancilliary belt (the one that drives the alternator etc) - as the rubber ages, it grips less well and slips more against the pulleys, especially when cold and damp. After a couple of minutes it dries out and warms up, and so stops slipping. The timing belt itself is toothed, and so cannot slip (it would cause a catastrophic ...


I found pretty good video about changing the muffler here. As Larry said, it is not the catalysator but the part before the catalysator. It looks like something that even an amateur is able to do. In Finland, the cost is about 60EUR for the part so not expensive part. (source of the image) Terminology muffler = äänenvaimentimet, takapönttö (Finnish) ...


Check your coolant level in the reservoir. It may just be a low coolant warning light


The tailpipe and silencer assembly is what you have pictured. The tailpipe and silencer is at the end of your exhaust system. Because of its position in the system it gets hotter and colder more often, and corrodes more quickly then any other part of the exhaust. Exhausts tend to rust from the inside to the outside first. This is what has happened, and it ...


Coolant level sensor might be bad.

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